"because it's so close to the rabies expiration.". He took off with my dog in chase. Where is Trump going to live after he leaves office? "Leave it" also works to stop your dog from taking the mouse into her mouth. Veterinarian. You mess around with one of his toys and tease him with it. I wish I had taken a picture of Buddy with the possum in his mouth, but I was too busy yelling at him and whacking him with a wrapping paper tube, the only thing in the world that he's afraid of. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. or you can take your dog and get her checked for rabies. I called the vet after the first, because I'm paranoid. being aggressive and initiating the battle and not trying to get away or resorting to the last ditch defense of a possum, faining death "playing possum" I wouldnt be to concerned. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. my dog had a possum in his mouth What is the hardest dog to potty train? A distinctive point of interest for some to keep in mind is the physical appearance of both the handheld device and the e collar itself. Should I be concerned about rabies or is that normal? My dog killed a baby possum last night without me noticing until I saw my dog's mouth drool which I figured might be he chased a possum. Learning to motivate your dog with toys and food, … My appearance scared the opossum, he let her go, she ran to a corner, I ran back in for my gun. We adopted a 2.3 year old beagle a month ago. Your dog will be fine. My Husky/Shepherd dog loves to mouth my hands and arms while snuggling with me, and sometimes can get a little rough. my dog had a possum in his mouth (⭐️ ) | my dog had a possum in his mouth how to my dog had a possum in his mouth for Here at Dog Adventures Northwest, we genuinely understand how hard it can be for people to properly exercise their dogs. This phrase instructs your dog to drop whatever is in her mouth. Dachsie one picked it up by the neck and shook it, would not let go. My dog is a two year old GSD mix I fell in love with at the shelter a year ago. Anyway, the opossum seemed fine, my dog is fucking thrilled with herself, after we brought the dog in the opossum climbed up a tree and ran off to live happily ever after doing whatever it … dog, couldn't reach anything but the tail of the possum, so she hung on and got shaken along with the possum. Still have questions? But it didn’t really smell like a skunk, more like strong garlic. 673 satisfied customers. It is best to avoid any contact between rats and dogs, and to take extra precautions if interaction occurs. NONE are crawling w/any disease lying in wait. When I was a child, I often imitated their barking and spoke to my dogs, even confided in them. If he had lost what scent he was following, Kieler would turn back and go to the last spot he had it and continue the track. I was working in the barn when my dog went on alert and shot out into the woods. When is the best time to get my boy neutered? When training commences, the submissive dog has structure and guidance in his life and becomes more confident. Dachsie no. is it bad to have someone else train your dog? My previous dog was so used to me opening her mouth but my new dog, oh no, I wouldn´t do that. Possums don't carry rabies. Because you are working to develop a positive sound association with something that you know your dog will love (a treat), there must be a precision to your actions that is not always necessary with other methods. I looked it up online and its RAT POSION!!? With work, family, and travel, it''s needs sometimes fall to the wayside. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Drooling, retching and vomiting are often seen immediately, generally within 30 minutes of exposure. You can sign in to vote the answer. I found my dog about to pick up a baby possum he found in my yard. My pup isn’t ready yet to come home (he’s just shy of 5 weeks now). Including not freaking out online for all cyberspace to see. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Cut a half-moon-shaped opening in the lid, and screw the lid in place. I had a dog that was a champion possum and raccon fighter and did battle with more than I could count in her life time. I do not let my dog’s mouth me, i teach them (no bite) they try to as puppies and I stop them .I do not allow dogs to act like they’re playing biting me ,it can turn in to something else I make sure my dogs understand this is not something i except or tolerate as play. I would take the dog in for a thorough bite wound check and some preventative meds if necessary. Man those possums have a serious set of teeth on them - I am grateful they didn't get used! Should I be concerned about rabies or is that normal?