The work requires writing internal directives regarding small changes in financial procedures and policy. As the senior financial expert for the Branch, the position must persuade managers of the best way to reduce costs to meet budgetary restraints. Resources: Weighted amount of $256.27M (B-1 = $198.75M, B-3 = $52.5M, B-4 = $1.25M, B-5 = $3.75M, B-7 = $0.02M). Average FIS Global hourly pay ranges from approximately $9.95 per hour for Production Clerk to $32.00 per hour for PMO Manager. Reports to: Director of Finance and Administration. Resources: Weighted amount of $862.90M (B-1 = $437.80M, B-3 = $405.80M, B-4 = $0.30M, B-5 = $19M). Position is in the corporate headquarters of a small department, one of a pool of six available to work on special projects for three Chiefs reporting directly to the Senior Financial Officer which are: Chief, Financial Planning and Resource Management, with five Financial Planning Analysts; Chief, Financial Policy & Systems, with five Systems Analysts; and Chief, Accounting Operations, with three FI’s. The second Senior job has two Intermediate positions reporting to it, each responsible for $120  dollars. 3.1 This standard is a key component of the classification system and must be read in conjunction with the Policy Framework for the Management of Compensation, the Policy on Classification, the Directive on Classification, the Directive on Classification Grievances, and occupational group definitions. Independent action is constrained by departmental and branch policy and regulations and legislation and general direction of the Regional Director. There are no subordinates reporting to this position on a permanent basis. Professional specialist analyst working in one full central agency financial management activity (i.e., policy and systems development). Reports to: Regional Senior Financial Officer. Level of Influence measures the degree to which a position can influence implementation of its output/proposals in terms of the relationship of the position to the ultimate decision-maker for the organization or organizational element. The Financial Management Group comprises positions that are primarily involved in the planning, development, analysis, delivery or management of internal Public Service financial policies, programs, services or other related activities. Action is constrained by departmental policy, regulations and general direction from the supervisor. One Credit and Collection Officer and one Cashier (clerk) reports to this position. Resources: Weighted amount of approx. Resources: Weighted amount of approx. Deputy Chief Financial Officer (DCFO). Planning and Resource Management; Policy and Systems Development; and Accounting Operations are each normally considered a full activity). Chief Financial Officer (CFO) supports the deputy head in the achievement of his or her mandate, through the following key roles: The allocation or grouping of items in accounts or financial statements according to their nature, function or activity exercised. Changes to these financial resource requirements during the year are submitted to Parliament through the “Supplementary Estimates” process, of which there are three. The work requires recommending to the Chief, Financial Systems and Policy new or modified systems. Reporting to this position are two Internal Financial Auditors (FI positions). The total of $43.5M is shared among 2 positions in the pool). Resources: Weighted amount of $35M (B-1 = $27M, B-4 = $5.30M, B-5 = $0.50M, B-6 = $1.50M, B-7 = $0.70M). One other position, Accounts Receivable Officer, with four clerks, reports directly to the Chief, Accounting Operations. Action is constrained by both departmental and branch procedures, policy and regulations and direction by the supervisor. The ultimate decision-maker for the purposes of this exercise varies depending on the organizational context. Managerial concepts are applied for the control and co-ordination of the full range of financial activities across a department or agency; or across all departments and agencies for at least one major financial management activity. Performing the duties involves the need to interact with suppliers to solve day-to-day problems concerning the processing of payment of invoices for goods and services. Processes requests for transfers between allotments. classification of accounts). All receipts, other than tax-revenues (e.g., revenue received for the sale of commodities and services provided). To obtain information on the application of this standard, a representative of the departmental corporate classification office should contact: Workforce Organization and Classification Compensation and Labour Relations Sector Office of the Chief Human Resources Officer Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0R5 Email: This factor has been pre determined and is identified in the worksheet for each type of resource. Requirement for independent action is relatively constrained by departmental and central agency policy and standards and by the Director. Position is in departmental corporate headquarters. They deal only with those characteristics that can be defined and distinguished and that are useful in determining the relative worth of jobs. Resources: Weighted amount of $91M (B-1 = $67.70M, B-3 = $23.30M). The ultimate objective of job evaluation is to determine the relative value of jobs in each occupational group in order that employees carrying out the jobs may be paid at rates consistent with the relationship indicated. Work consists of assisting in the development of integrated information systems for effective planning, evaluation and control. Promotes acceptance of accounting practices, systems and procedures in the department and agencies such as the implementation of an audit program. Use Direct or Indirect, whichever is larger, but not both. Three positions report to this one: Head, Financial Planning and Forecasting, with a staff of one officer and two clerks; Head, Accounting Services, with a staff of one officer and thirteen clerks; and a Systems and Procedures Officer with no staff. Resources: Weighted amount of $182.80M (B-1 = $102M, B-3 = $3.30M, B-4 = $49M, B-5 = $28.50M). There is a requirement for the existence of substantive duties in an activity area before they are recognized as an increase in breadth of expertise. Average Fiserv hourly pay ranges from approximately $11.34 per hour for Production Worker to $50.00 per hour for Senior Network Engineer. 1.1 This revised standard takes effect on July 13, 2016. The work requires creative and innovative thinking in the development of a comprehensive system of classification of accounts. a “one-on-one” relationship exists), the size of resources influenced, Capital Expenditures, responsible for $200 dollars, Operating Expenditures West Sector, responsible for $150 dollars, Operating Expenditures East Sector, responsible for $100 dollars. The total weighted amount for all applicable budget resources are totaled at the bottom right-hand side of the worksheet. Supervises accounting staff and provides two District Accountants with explanations on financial statutes, regulations, directives and requirements. There is some interaction with others but there is no requirement to persuade or influence others. Browse job salaries by company, location, experience and more from data provided by real employees. Action is constrained by departmental systems and procedures and supervision by the Regional Manager. Get the right Fi manager job with company ratings & salaries. The position is required to provide functional guidance to regions. Download the Resources Susceptible to Influence Worksheet template: RTF 237 KB, Budget Amount (in millions of dollars) table 7 note 4. Administers the financial planning and resource management control services for regional programs; Monitors the compliance and adequacy of the financial signing authorities delegated to the region; and. A technical specialist limited to less than a full financial activity which is financial systems analysis. Deleted benchmark 10 – Financial Systems Consultant. The Chief and Director are each responsible for resources of $480 dollars. Reports to: Chief, Financial Planning and Resource Management. Resources: Weighted amount of $33,908M ($33.90B) (B-1 = $18,871.20M, B-3 =$3,836.40M, B-4 = $10,981.70M, B-7 = $219.60M). The “deepest” corporate specialist responsible for corporate accounting operations. One Financial Clerk reports to this position. Branch specialist responsible for one full activity – financial policy and systems development. Master of Science (MS) $0 - $52k. Four other positions reporting to the Director, Financial Administration are - Chief, Accounting Services, with a staff of two officers and 11 clerks; Chief, Planning and Control, with a staff of eight officers and one clerk; Planning Officer, with no staff and Associate Chief of Accounting Services, with no staff. Managerial concepts are applied for the control and co-ordination of all the assigned responsibilities within or across a major organizational unit such as a branch or region; or for at least a single financial activity across a department; or a portion of a financial activity across a number of departments and agencies. This is the department’s “deepest” specialist responsible for internal financial audit. Expertise - Managerial and Interpersonal. For positions residing within departmental corporate headquarters, the ultimate decision maker is deemed to be the CFO; in a program/branch, it is the ADM or equivalent; in a region, the DG; in all others, it is a director or whoever is the effective line authority to make ultimate decisions for that organization. Abuja, 27th November, 2020. They report on the financial position and changes in the financial position of the reporting entity. The average salary for Fi-Med Management employees is $87,250 per year. The Chief, Accounting Operations has responsibility for the full activity. Reporting to this position are a Chief, Financial Policy & Systems Development and a Chief, Accounting Operations, each of which is a “deepest” specialist. Interaction with managers in corporate headquarters and regions involves advice and guidance when consolidating their needs and assessing the management information system’s capabilities at producing reports. Reports to: Assistant Director, Administration. As the senior financial specialist for the regional branch, manages all delegated financial management activities throughout the Region. A set of means that allow management and users of financial statements to have reasonable assurance that: The use of resources with the expectation of future returns, such as an increase of revenues or assets. Prepares departmental financial statements including those required for Public Accounts. The position is in the corporate headquarters of a large department. Deepest departmental “technical specialist” responsible for a single central service financial activity (i.e. The factors, sub-factors and elements are: For each factor, the maximum point value assigned and corresponding point weighting reflects its relative importance. F&I pay plan. 1,000. Resources: Weighted amount of $172.80M (B-1 = $153.70M, B-3 = $17.30M, B-5 = $1.80M). A branch regional single financial activity specialist. Interaction involves influencing others when providing advice on financial policies, directives and guidelines to senior managers. All receipts for taxes levied by government legislations (e.g., personal income taxes, customs and excise duties, etc.). The position is in departmental corporate headquarters. Two other positions reporting to the Director are: Chief, Central Accounts and Chief, Consolidated Revenue Fund operations. Position is in a central service and is one of a pool of 30 Project Officers, intermediate Project Officers, Financial Analysts and junior Project Officers reporting to the Chief, Client Services but work is supervised by a Senior Project Officer. Please refer to the Notes to Raters for the “Nature of Impact” factor in the Financial Management job evaluation standard for guidance. Income Tax slabs on Salary. This factor measures the degree of influence of the position in terms of the relative size and nature of the resources that can be influenced either directly or indirectly, and its location in the organization. For the current financial year of 2017-18, the Tax slabs are as follows : For Individuals who are less than 60 years old (either … Out Put. A record of the financial data pertaining to a specific asset, liability, revenue or expense item. Responsible for management of all financial management activities across the department. Must have general knowledge of financial activities at the local level. have been included in the glossary of terms found within the FI job evaluation standard. Work consists of relatively similar tasks and finding solutions to problems when administering the departmental revenue and refund operations. Action is constrained by departmental and branch procedures and close supervision by the Manager. A single financial activity specialist (Financial Planning and Resource Management). The three “traditional” central agencies are the Privy Council Office, the Department of Finance and the Treasury Board Secretariat; Central Service: Organizations that provide central services to federal departments and agencies (e.g., Public Services and Procurement Canada and Shared Services); Departmental Branch Headquarters or Branch Headquarters: Centre of control for Program/Branch/Sector organizations within the department or agency which are headed by an executive at the EX 04 or EX 05 level or equivalent; Branch Regional Headquarters; Departmental Regional Headquarters; Regional Headquarters: Centre of control for a region which are headed by an executive at the EX 03 or equivalent (e.g., Regional Director General); and. Influence: Recommends through four organizational levels. Management Reports and Analysis which is part of Financial Planning and Resource Management). Other positions reporting to the Director are Chief, Financial Policy and Systems and Chief, Accounting Operations. Represent non-exchange transactions for taxes assessed at year end, but not yet collected, as well as estimates of unassessed taxes at year end that are accrued but not due to be paid until the next fiscal year. This infers a limitation on breadth of expertise at the most intensive levels. Independent action is constrained by departmental policies, legislation, regulations and direction from the Branch Director, Financial Management. When completing the information relating to the position, it is important to identify whether or not the position being classified is part of a pool of positions that exist within the organization. This is the department’s senior “full-time” financial officer position. No subordinate positions report on a full-time basis (project matrix). This factor measures the knowledge and skill required to perform the duties of the position and is divided into two sub-factors: This sub-factor measures the specialized financial management expertise and is comprised of two elements: Breadth - Diversity of Expertise measures the degree of direct involvement within or across one or more financial management activities.
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