Many people swear that … HOYA OBOVATA CARE GUIDE: - WATERING Due to their tendency to rot, It is always better to underwater your Hoya Obovata than overwatering them. Hoyas aren’t technically succulents but are succulent-like with those fleshy, waxy leaves. ... How to Grow and Care. How to care: Fertilizer need to be once or twice a year and fertilize the plant in spray and in cold winter better not to put fertilizers, better to put fertilizer for blooming and fertilizer with high content of nitrogen in lace of nitrogen will be yellow leaves, when the plant young need to put fertilizer that fit for growth, trellising or even better to hang from the ceiling or somewhere high better when weep down because it easier for the plant to grow and it’s more impressive. Lace of nitrogen – easy to notice by leaves that turning yellow. The amount of light affects its chances of blooming, but direct sunlight can burn the leaves. If you under water your Hoya, the leaves will start to wilt and/or turn yellow. When you do notice mealy bugs, you should spray your entire plant down with either Neem oil or a horticultural oil. Trust me, Dyna-Gro Grow is amazing and you can use it for most of your houseplants. Light – enough light, lace of light especially before the blooming season can prevent the plant to bloom. If you haven’t read our full Hoya Obovata care guide and are looking for a quick breakdown then Hoya Obovata need: Bright light; Allow soil to dry out between waterings; Fertilising during the growing season; Warm rooms; Medium to … Use your finger to feel the soil. Pests Hoyas are fairly resistant to pests, but mealybugs can be found on leaves; and aphids can be commonly found near flowers, particularly hoyas that produce a lot of nectar, like Hoya kerrii, for instance. Transplant and changing location – it might won’t effect on the growth of the plant but this bad for the blooming and might prevent the plant to bloom. We get ample sunshine all year long in Tucson so that’s the sweet spot for mine. Hoya Obovata Splash is very easy to care for as long as you keep it in a bright spot and keep it on the dry side. In general, it is better to under water your Hoya than over water it. - LIGHTING Sunlight is necessary for your Hoya Obovata Plant, But bright indirect sunlight is best. Hoyas are rarely bothered by pests in general, except for mealy bugs! Here are some tips for wax plants that help to thrive quickly. Remove the leaves at the bottom node or two. Southern exposure with full sun will even work as long as you pay attention to the moisture needs! There is a noticeable differences in my plants since I’ve started using this fertilizer so try it out for yourself! Add perlite to a succulent potting mix to see the best results. I would still feel the soil to be sure though. Hoyas are popular for their wax-like star-shaped flowers. If you want to read about other Hoyas, check out my posts on: Please do me a favor and share this post to social media because it will help me spread the Ohio Tropics houseplant care tips to the masses! I prefer pumice for Hoya, but you can use perlite too. These are not low light plants by any means, so be sure to provide good light for your Hoya for best growth, especially if you want yours to bloom! I want to share how to care for a Hoya houseplant & what I've learned over many years of growing them. Thank you . My own plant currently grows in the corner of a north and east facing set of windows in my sunroom, so it gets direct morning sunshine. The Hoya & Dischidia genuses are known for their succulent leaves and fragrant blooms. I allow my soil to dry either completely or almost completely. It is a premium, complete fertilizer that contains all the micro and macro nutrients for plant growth. Winds – the winds more the plant too much and cause drought for the air roots. Sara A - Z Plants / Hoya Plants Leave a comment. Water – when put too much water or lace of water before blooming season it might have negative reaction on the blooming and the plant might won’t bloom, let it dry before blooming season. Hoyas in general are easy plants to grow and will tolerate drought. I received my Hoya Obovata Splash today, 04/22/20; which arrived in excellent condition and I was really surprised at the size I received for a 6". Your obovata will need to be at least 2-3 years old typically before it will bloom. … Hoya Obovata. Plain and simple! It’s one of the fastest among all the plants in the Hoya family. The new flowers grow from the spurs of old flowers. When I repot it into a larger container with my special soil mix, I’ll water less often. I’d love to hear from you! Plant / Seeds / Vegetative reproduction propagating by cutting or bending a branch over and covering it with soil and keep the soil moist. An Eastern or Western window location would suit this plant. Hoya Obovata – Plant Care Tips. The cuttings were a few inches long and I simply rooted them in water. Allow at least the first inch or so of the potting soil to dry out before watering your plant again. Check out my top 5 easy-care Hoyas!
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