Of course every manufacturer wants to sell a camera that has 100 megapixel, 30 stops of dynamic range, global shutter, unlimited no heat 12k video, with unlimited buffer 40 fps raw with a f1.0 10mm to 500mm zoom lens in a waterproof body. why do you think the z 6II and z7II are so cheap? Links © Ken Rockwell. I like to skip a generation but this is a full-on leap into the Z cameras for me as I still work with D850 and D5. Raw files contain numbers that do represent color information. This is a major, truly major difference. I would wager that only a small population of pros that really need dual card slots or a battery grip might consider it. i don't know that z-mount lens pricing is any worse than the milc competition? Worse, the finder brightness varies all over the place as you vary the apertures if you're using adapted manual-focus lenses. The Nikon Z7 II has unbeaten technical image quality in a mirrorless camera (same as the previous Nikon Z7) simply because it has all of the highest resolution and sharpness and, most importantly, unbeaten color rendition. No auto brightness control for the rear LCD; heck, even my iPhone does this. So rather than dispute it, let me link a vs.: https://www.craftinglight.com/blog/2017/8/the-great-tilt-shift-wars. dinosaur DSLR, there are definitely differences among cameras. The new processors also allow the camera to focus in light as low as -3EV with a lens at F2 (and you can still push this even lower for static subjects by enabling the 'Low Light AF' feature). Simply link the Bluetooth to your phone and enable the tagging function in camera. We've combed through the options and selected our two favorite cameras in this class. Reasonable upgrades to a very reasonable camera... but I'm most impressed by the few sample images. TL;DR: Nikon has a lot more distortion and does not beat Canon for sharpness. Lastly, we're pleased to see that Nikon has added support for firmware updates over Wi-Fi through its Snapbridge app. See all the details at Nikon FTZ Compatibility & Review. Thom Hogan's Complete Guide to the Z6 and Z7 Third Edition manages to not only fully describe every feature of the Nikon Z6 and Z7 running firmware 1.x, 2.x, or 3.x in clear, easy-to-understand language, but also provides you rich, technical background for many of the critical issues that confront digital camera users. https://www.dpreview.com/reviews/nikon-z-50mm-f1point8-s-lens-review. Potential buyers should just be aware that the spec sheet is a misleading description of its actual real life level of performance on several of the specs that apparently distinguish it from competition. Computational photography is coming to cameras, the future is bright :-). But from an AF speed perspective, I don't think so. The truth is that the R5 is a very capable camera with many qualities but it isn’t a magic bullet. @bernardlang You are joking, right? They have all the usual Nikon controls in the usual places. just use the FtZ adapter. Nikon just added a 85mm f1.2 to their roadmap but they don’t need one. There is a cost to integrate that into the camera. Red Maple, Yosemite Valley, October 2018, 12:19 P.M. Nikon Z7, Nikon 24-70mm f/4 Z at 70mm, f/4 hand-held at 1/200 at Auto ISO 64, Perfectly Clear v3.6. The only Comment to this is what the. Use the FTZ adapter for your other Nikon lenses, for instance the excellent 28-300mm VR or the 16-35mm VR and/or your choice of telephoto (I use the 28-300mm VR as my telephoto). Yeah sure... trouble free Sony, that was a good one, just as good as trouble free Canon. I use the stores I do because they ship from secure remote warehouses where no one gets to touch your new camera before you do. bigger or full-resolution. But those very updates might also be what users of Nikon's high-end D850 DSLR, or users from other DSLR systems thinking about making the switch to mirrorless, have been waiting for.”. I do not have that feeling any longer.They need more than silly statements like .... time to get excited... Nikon seems to be focused on designing cameras for photographers. Times are tough for everyone and because of the COVID crisis, there is less money coming home. This year, despite the disruption, plenty of amazing cameras, lenses, accessories and other products came through our doors. It sets the brightness based only on how much light is coming through the lens, which means if you point it down for playback or if shooting a stopped-down manual lens the finder gets very dark. Why have two lenses that cover the same length? The key is the performance. As a Nikon user since the D70, and then Canon with the Mark 7 II, I am very pleased to see that both Nikon and Canon are competing very well with their offerings, but ever since I bought into the Sony system with the A7R III I simply have no interest to change, or upgrade but I wish them all the best for future releases. Daylight fill flash works great so long as you have enough flash power, and indoor flash fill is usually limited by your ability to gel (color-balance) your flash to match the ambient light and set the best exposure ratio. Yess Magnar, unbelievable I think. Panasonic's S1R claims 47MP, but it's not part of a complete pro system and has unknown color rendition. But ultimately I went for Nikon D5100 ( and then eventually upgraded to D7000). Some worthwhile improvements, but why still no dual-tilt on the rear viewfinder screen? It's thanks to them that Nikon and Canon felt the need to progress much faster with mirrorless technology. If it is really so (according to the user manual) that lens has to set to max aperture, and shutterspeed to faster than 1/1000s, and always replace battery before the level gets below 60% (which has the worst life anyway). I never had any trouble with subject separation from the background on M43, but I cared enough to learn how to do it. Fujifilm has inferior color rendition for anything but people, and doesn't even make a full-frame camera. In this "extended" mode it can't track exposure between frames and instead locks and uses the same exposure for every frame in the sequence, but it does track autofocus at this highest rate. There is nothing wrong with eye detection for portraits on the Mark I models. If some work requires consistent high fps or a tough body, keep a second body such a 1DXII. Color rendition is more critical to picture quality than resolution or dynamic range or any of the other pedagogical but invisible measures of performance; color rendition is how the picture actually looks and the Z7 is first class. No voice notes like the Nikon D5 or Canon EOS R5. Front-curtain sync, slow sync, rear-curtain sync, red-eye reduction, red-eye reduction with slow sync and slow rear-curtain sync modes. The price of the R5 is not coming down any time soon...they have long backlogs of everything...r5, r6 and all the good rf lenses and adapters. It works flawlessly with the Z7 II, even turning on and off with the Z7 II's power switch. Even the king, the a9II gets its more often wrong than right. That is not because of marketing only. @Thoughts R Usof course, I was thinking also of elements of computational photography outside the AF realm, some of the things you already have in smartphones. And for in some Pro usecases the equipment difference can be seen that's why... oh boy I'm barely brave enough to say this in this heated discussion... that is why I use Nikon :D you other guys use whatever suits you best.And it's bit hard to say where that line is, it depends on the usecase. Truth be told, though, the real-world difference between 45.7MP and, say, 61MP isn't likely to be a deal-breaker; the extra dynamic range from the Nikon's ISO 64 mode, though, may be. Both cameras are equipped with a full frame sensor. In reality the best thing most can do is find the camera they find the most enjoyable to use; focus on the ergonomics and user experience. The app includes automatic image transfer, gallery creation, editing tools and more. I am excited about the upgrades to the Z7(I actually just preordered). I want Nikon to succeed, but would not advise a friend to invest in its ecosystem. The low-light sensitivity of the Nikon Z7 II goes down to -3 EV, whereas the Z7 is limited to -2 EV – that’s a full stop of difference. 5.5 FPS, continuous high (5 FPS in 14-bit raw) with tracking exposure for each frame. There is a cost to develop a new sensor. It is simply a matter of discussing a choice in relation to an offer.Now, is it the customers, who already pay enough for their equipment, who must additionally buy Nikon not to meet their needs but out of loyalty to this brand?Around me, there are no more photographers working in Nikon. The Nikon Z7 is an excellent camera, one of my favourites in recent times, and it produces high-quality images. This all-content, junk-free website's biggest source of support is when you use those or any of these links to approved sources when you get anything, regardless of the country in which you live. 3) And, don’t forget all those trusted bloggers and reviewers who have to do and say things to keep your eyeballs on the site. My biggest concern is autofocus, which was poor in the Z7 if you expect it to locate or track subjects automatically. Balanced fill-flash in matrix, center-weighted, and highlight-weighted metering modes. The view that the e-shutter specs of the R5 limit its potential for action is very widely shared. Do you honestly expect them to up the auntie now that profits are in the toilet? Great if it works for you and if you don’t mind checking your battery level when you need to use a fast fps on quickly moving subjects. One maybe able to find some tiny metric where one tests slightly better than another but in real life it doesn't matter and both brands will perform exceptionally well. Really? Tzurlis, gosh there is so much hate and frustration in speaking out of you, relax, drink a tea and reevaluate the situation: "come on... if i have to switch lenses, ill get a free trouble sony!!!" October 2020   Nikon   Mirrorless   Mirrorless Lenses   All Nikon Lenses   Nikon Flash   All Reviews, Nikon vs Canon vs Sony Full Frame Mirrorless Compared. Anyone interested in the best 35mm lenses ever designed? :). They judge like a DJ, only their music is oke. The FTZ is a dud for those of us with a large collection of Nikon lenses because it only works (autofocuses or indexes properly) with about half of them. I don't use it much myself either, but having to connect the phone to the camera each time is a little annoying I guess. All your bases are covered. The Z7 is already much better than the D850 on several aspects:- accuracy - consistency, especially shooting wide open with portrait lenses- eye AF, Where the Z7 did lack was in:- AF control UI but it was significantly improved with firmware 3- tracking abilities - very low light, Where they were roughly equal was:- raw focusing speed. that's because modern milc designs take advantage of better engineering and better production capabilities. Canon R5 vs Nikon Z7 II. The R5 is not fast enough for that in FF ES-mode, but does real good otherwise. Besides the claims they make are so riddled with inaccurate, irrelevant and unfair statements that they don’t convince anyone who was not already of the same partisan opinion. I've never shot a digital camera with better color rendition for all subjects. Don't get the FTZ for use with traditional AF-D, AF or manual-focus lenses. If you absolutely need it, then you can buy it. Complain? I'm going to take a page from bernardlang and quote him "the 3 most important lenses in a pro line up are the f2.8 zooms" but add that in this regard Sony is inferior to both Nikon and Canon. @Kona Mike, NOW YOU'RE TALKING! 2) It is less threatening and easier to talk about equipment than to express yourself through photography. I was wrongI was concerned about Nikon's ability to offer a new open ecosystem capable of responding to new developments in the business. Now Canon and Nikon have compelling options that in many ways eclipse Sony (and Fuji). I am not sure I would call that benchmark/reference performance for action photography. Some people go on and on about the superior dynamic range of this Nikon, but only bad photographers don't know how to light their subjects properly and have to fall back on their camera to rescue their poorly-lit photos worry about it. I am sure you understand that inflation causes an increase of the costs that must be reflected in the price for the company to protect its margin. Odd that their comments do make sense for objective viewers. Now, three months later, the company has confirmed in a statement that the personal information of past and current employees was taken from its servers. I already use a Z6 looking forward to my pre-ordered Z7II with Grip! A single high-speed, single-core processor (let's say a 4.0 Ghz) would probably perform slower than a quad core or dual core clocked at 1/2 the speed. JPG saved as LARGE, MEDIUM or SMALL resolution in FINE, NORMAL or BASIC compression. get real. I am certainly naive but I am not sure to understand what you are trying to convey here, sorry. The market is shrinking and profits are low, so development will be low as well. bigger. You will need a 24-70mm f2.8 on top of the excellent 28-70mm f2.0 because most people spend a significant amount of time between 24 and 28mm. Hallelujah! One would suspect that these new Nikon Z II models will have greater intelligence in their AF when it comes to both people and animals. there are rumors that Nikon will release Z8 and Z9, which far more expensive mirrorless flagship, probably matching best Canon and Sony specs, with similar prices. It was insane! Now, where all manufacturers (Sony, Canon, Nikon) still struggled with until now is the accuracy of focus on the pupil of the eye. Still, big-ish and clunky despite being mirrorless. :-). Reviews :-). Canon R5 seems like the mirrorless 'D850' in 2020. Cthulhu, Pig Latin, Olde English, Mime and Klingon added to Language Options. Today the Z7 works much better than at initial release and I am not aware of any issue that would require correction. @MILC MAN:I guess Nikon users are lucky to be able to adapt all these wonderful FE lenses using the Techart adapter then. The Sony 70-200 f2.8 is also not up to the standards of Nikon or Canon. Now, it has to be said that the only mirroless body equal to the D850 for tracking is the a9II. Contact, these links to my personally approved sources I've used myself for way over 100 combined years, approved sources I've used myself for decades, shooting test charts in your mom's basement, Sample Images from the Z7, which uses the same sensor, use Nikon, LEICA and other rangefinder lenses, original S-mount Nikon rangefinder lenses, page on what works and doesn't work with Nikon's FTZ adapter, basic adapters cheap direct from China over eBay for just about any kind of lens, Nikon's original 1940s-1960s rangefinder lenses, Adapting Rangefinder Lenses to Nikon Mirrorless, which was poor in the Z7 if you expect it to locate or track subjects automatically, Medium-Format vs. Full-Frame Image-Quality Comparison, Canon has made huge strides with vastly superior cameras and many brilliant lenses today. It will also output 10-bit N-Log or HDR (HLG) footage to a compatible external recorder, and you can output Raw video in 1080p if you're using the full sensor and 4K if you're using a cropped APS-C sized region. Nikon should have released a camera with 61 mpx or more. LV -3 ~ +17 with an f/1.4 lens at 20º C. Auto eye sensor selects read LCD or finder. New This Nikon combo should be perfect for me. I watched Polin once, when he trashed the E-M1 X. Blessedly, though (especially for those of us that moderate online comment sections), Nikon has included dual card slots in the Z7 II for users that need immediate backup or want to easily separate their still images and video clips. The only thing people harp on about seemingly not caring about anything else the camera does. One could say 90% of the photographers never get to that point, but one could also argue for 90% of the photographers the equipment does make a difference. New AF modes have been added and are accessible in the main and 'i' menus. But boy, hype and glory is the only way to take half in focus portrait and claim it is never seen before... No offence but thinking that I feel the presence of a strong bias and patting on the back here.Z cameras are excellent tools, however they will be purchased almost exclusively by existing Nikon users. Stop stirring Things up. Flash system fully compatible with Nikon's existing DSLR flashes, with both optical and radio remote control. It works; I really do get 5.5 FPS with tracking AF and auto exposure, however it will slow down if it has to like every other camera. @CosmicLux what planet are you from?? A beauty of the Z7 II is that the rear LCD/EVF switch is magic; the rear LCD pops on when I pull my Z7 II from my face and just works. Initial testing report on the Z6 show its AF to be highly competitive. I was a Nikonian for a decade and came to really appreciate the color and rendering of Nikon's bodies and lenses. Today's cameras are all very capable for general photography, and there are a lot of choices for those working pretty specialized too. – It’s the skill you bring to the job, rather than the equipment, that makes the difference. Remember that at f/1.8 there is no depth of field. The charger is clumsy, requires you slip the battery into the hole instead of popping it in from the top like most good chargers, and is useless unless you also bring a cord or plug. Although Canon has been selling more 300 US$ APS-C DSLRs these past years...- they have no credible path to migrate them to mirrorless - their mirrorless line up is a total mess with 2 incompatible mounts- they have many unhappy customers - they have lost many more serious DSLRs shooters to Sony that Nikon has these past 10 years. Therefore we can't use it all the time as we can't see the subject behind it. Agreed. Nikon still sells many of these lenses new today, and they work much better on any FX DSLR like a D750. What’s the best camera for around $2000? I shoot my Z7 at base ISO or lower (32 for 0.95 lenses in daytime at 1/8000) often and for all the talk of photography, I still don’t understand why people bash Nikon so heavily. Most attendants didn't react postively in there questions/remarks. At least the video showed each camera's realtime tracking in action so it was more useful. If you are already invested in the Nikon system great, and these cameras appear to be significant upgrades. It's super sharp, small and compact. This is good, because we can get basic adapters cheap direct from China over eBay for just about any kind of lens. The Nikon Z7 adopts a newly developed hybrid AF system that offers extremely wide coverage — approx. Wasn't it Ansel Adams that said the most important part of the camera was the 12 inches behind it? If not, it is unlikely Nikon 10 years down the road will match the diversity and feature set of Sony or Canon, purely because of financials (with a higher probability of ceasing altogether). (Sony -- you too). Probably not... u want fully articulating screen so u can vlog with ur 45yr old 200mm f/4 lens? Seven Palms Oasis by Moonlight, 7:47 PM, 09 November 2019. All three hold a similar position in their own brand ecosystems. The N-Log setting utilizes extensive color depth and twelve-stop, 1,300% dynamic range to record a wealth of tone information from highlights and shadows for more effective color grading. We will have to see if an old Nikon habit creeps in again which is immediately dropping the previous gen camera. Again, it’s probably fine for hobbyists, is a well informed pro wiling to risk a paid assignment on this? Never heard of a vlogger using a 70-200. @bernardlang Don't use phrases like "everybody knows", that is what the President does when he doesn't want to cite facts. Probably right about marketing. But we're not going to complain too much, because we really didn't find much fault with how the original camera handled. Of course, this should be considered Nikon advertising and not so much authentic independent reviews, but also it is unlikely they would say these things without some truth to it. The Sony 24-70 f2.8 is not that great; notice how you rarely read or see about any Sony pro or vlogger using that lens. This CA number is btw lower than the Zeiss Otus... What is much most interesting to me is the T stop. Ultra-short 16mm Flange Focal Distance (FFD) allows all other brands of DSLR, SLR and rangefinder lenses to be adapted to it. All three major brands make excellent cameras with only slight marginal differences. The Nikon Z7 II has essentially the same design as the original. Nikon Z7 II and Nikon Z 24-70mm f/2.8 S. bigger. I think I'll need to wait for the Z71 or something like that. - IMO there are three reasons for the behavior. I don't know, I personally have zero need for GPS, I'd rather have my pro body be 150$ cheaper, and not have GPS. Yes, there are issues with the 24-70 and 70-200. includes controls for portrait-orientation shooting. They were very good cameras that had matured very well. We supposed that the Z6&Z7s will have same sensors as the first gen - was the confirmation of this a surprise? Manuals for Nikon products/ 2018/02/15/ Ver.2.0.0 Manual Viewer 2 The Nikon Manual Viewer 2 app for iPhones, iPads, iPod touch, and Android devices can be used to download the manuals for Nikon digital SLR cameras and view them offline. For €3000 you will get a very good camera. The Z7 II has a full-frame sensor in a camera that weighs less than a DX D7500, and is built to the same standards as the D850. @Paul_Takes_Photo:No Canon doesn’t, quite the opposite in fact:- the 3 most important lenses in a pro line up are the f2.8 zooms and the Nikon S are superior to their Canon RF equivalents- Canon’s line up of prîmes has holes in it and the only 2 lenses that compare are the expensive f1.2 50 + 85. The Nikon D850 and the Nikon Z7 II are two digital cameras that were revealed to the public, respectively, in July 2017 and October 2020. Get back to me when Nikon opens up their lens mount specs to 3rd party manufacturers and makes it more affordable to the novice photographer. LOL. Many are now a quite staggering rip-off- the not so Nifty 50mmZ for example! It’s borderline false advertising to call this a 12 fps camera. Now one thing I don’t understand is why, as a happy R5 user, you feel the need to post this often in these Z threads to keep Nikon users and potential buyers in line with your view of reality? Probably only overtaken by the ISO35 of the Phaseone IQ3/IQ4 Trichromatic. Since you have done in depth research about these Nikon things you have never used you surely know that many S lenses have 2 AF motors right? whatever problems you are having with color are not a camera issue. Thank you! @bernardlang:,,,,,,"But it’s fairly easy to tell apart legitimate photographers facing a real issue from forum trolls. @Magnar W, then you definitely have a severe reading comprehension problem because I didn’t say anything you claim I did. bigger. The information may be hidden somewhere in the manual with small print.Today I got lost when trying to understand all the requirements for 12 fps speed in H+ mode of EOS R5 (ie. Really with today's cameras, if you can't find something you like to use and get the shot, that's on you. Two image processors, up from one in the Z7. One XQD slot, which also works with CFexpress type B cards. If looking at reality is what you call a pot shot then fine. And if you've already got a brace of lenses, then maybe rent a Z for the weekend and take the FTZ adapter out for a spin? Extra-grip to make it even bigger. Being the high-res, stills-focused camera in the range, the Z7 II wouldn't necessarily benefit from a fully-articulating mechanism that video shooters prefer, but perhaps a 'two-way tilting' design from the Fujifilm X-T3 or Panasonic S1R would have been welcome. 2018 Nikon Z7 with 1956 W-NIKKOR•C 3.5cm f/1.8 (see Adapting Rangefinder Lenses to Nikon Mirrorless), f/4 at 10 seconds at ISO 64, shown exactly as shot. For now, the app is in beta and limited to a handful of Samsung Galaxy smartphones, but as development continues, it's safe to assume support for other Android devices is on the way. So I am not sure what you are referring to. That has been my personal choice. Superior Nikon image quality for colors and dynamic range. The superior sharpness only matters if you're genuinely making prints 30 feet wide; for all normal uses, including making 40 x 60" (1 x 1.5 meter) prints, all today's cameras are the same — but Nikon's colors are unbeaten regardless of picture size.
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