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Isro-Solutions doesn’t assume, in no way, the responsabilities for the purposes in which are used for the future the products bought by the clients and the company doesn’t encourage using them in ways which can violate the legal and the moral rights of a person.

The products on our site are used to watch and to supervise:

•The activity of your employees;
•Your children;
•The persons with physical or mental disabilities;
•Old persons who need increased attention;
•The baby-sitter;
•Your  goods in the hotel room

Art. 209. (1)   The violation of the right to a person’s private life, by using any means of  interception from distance of data, information, images or sounds from inside of the mentioned places in art. 209 alin.(1), without the person’s consent who uses them or without law permission, it is punished with prison from 1-3 years or with amend-days.

The general terms and conditions will be applied to all sales of goods and services from Isro Solutions SRL, through the online store www.isro-solutions.com to Buyer and they can be modified only with the agreement of both sides.
In this way, these terms mean:
•Buyer – the person, the company, or any juridical entity which gives an Order.
•Seller – the commercial society Isro Solution SRL, with social center in Bucharest, 44 Gheorghe Bratianu Street, district 1, registration number at Commerce Registry J40/8444/30.07.2009, CIF RO25835058.
•Goods and Services: any product or service, including the documents and the services mentioned in the Order, which will be delivered from Seller to Buyer.
•Order – an electronic document which is a way of communication between Buyer and Seller from which the Seller agrees to deliver to the Buyer  the Goods and the Services and the Buyer agrees to receive these Goods and Services and to pay them.
•Contract – a confirmed order from the Seller.
•Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) – all immaterial rights: know-how, author’s rights, data base rights, projection rights, model rights, trade mark rights.
•Specifications – all specifications and/or the descriptions of the Goods and Services as they are specified in the Order.

The release of a new electronic or phone order on our site, the Buyer agrees with the way of communication (phone or e-mail) through which the Seller runs his operations.
The Order is made by these documents:
•The order (together with the clear mentions of billing and delivery data) and its specific conditions;
•The Buyer’s specifications (where necessary);
•Terms and conditions.
If the Seller confirms the order, this will imply a complete accepting of the terms in the Order. The acceptance of the order from Seller is considered finished when there is a verbal confirmation (by phone) or electronic (by e-mail) from Seller to Buyer, without a receiving confirmation from Buyer. The Seller doesn’t consider an unconfirmed order as being a Contract. The existing contract starts at the confirmation of the order, by the Seller.
The confirmation will be made by phone or by e-mail. The general sales terms and conditions will be the base of the Contract, being complete with the warranty certificate sent by Seller or by a provider.

a.The Seller will use his professional and technical knowledge to reach the result stipulated in the Order and he will deliver the Goods and the Services which accomplish the Buyer’s requirements, needs and specifications.
b.The information presented on the site is informative and it can be changed by the Seller without a preliminary announcement. Likewise, because of the space and information aspects, the description of the products may be incomplete, but the Seller gives his best to present the most relevant information, for the product to be used in the parameters it was bought.
c.The communication with the store – it can be made over the interaction with it, giving opinions regarding the products or by communicating through the addresses mentioned at the “Contact”section. It will be excluded from the site or ignored the opinions or the addressings with insults or with an inadequate language. The Seller has the freedom to manage the received information without excuses.  

The Seller can assign and/or subcontract a third part for the services concerning the order, informing the Buyer, not being necessary his approval. The Seller will be always responsible for the obligations in the contract.

The Buyer understands the IPR and he will not reveal to a third part or he will not make public (internet or media), none of the information received from the Seller.
As well, the name of the site and the graphic signs are trade marks of Isro Solutions property and they cannot be taken, copyed or used without the written approval of the owner.

Any information given by the Seller to the Buyer will remain in the owner’s property. They can be used only for contract and they can be known only with the written consent to the Buyer and only after receiving a confidentiality commitment from the person who gets it.

The price, the way of paying and the payment term are specified in the order. The Seller will give to the Buyer an invoice for the Goods and for the Services delivered, the obligation  of the Buyer is giving all the necessary information for the invoice, according to the law.

a.Delivery – the Seller has the obligation to send the Goods and the Services in door-to-door courier system to the Buyer.
b.Transport – Packing – besides the case when the Buyer and the Seller agree in another way, the Seller has no risk and no responsibility with the Goods and the Services when they are delivered by the intern courier with who the Seller collaborates or to the Buyer’s representative. The Seller will assure the correct packing of the Goods and the Services and he will assure the sending of the afferent documents. The Seller will deliver the Goods and the Services in Romania.

The acceptance will be made when the Goods and the Services are according to the technical charcteristics mentioned in the Order. In other case, the Seller will bring to conformity the Goods and the Services. Also, the products sold and delivered by will be brought back to the Buyer in 30 days.

All the products commercialized by our site benefit of warranty conditions according to the law and to the producers commercial politics. The products are new, in original packages and come from authorized sources of each producer. 
The warranty certificates of the products sold and delivered by Isro-Solutions are released directly by the producers (if they have a national service), or they are released by Isro-Solutions.
Concerning the warranty certificates released by Isro-Solutions, we offer you the “Pick-up and Return” service, which implies taking and delivering the products for free .

Atention! The loss of the warranty certificate or invoice determines the loss of the warranty also. ISRO Solutions does not make warranty copies.

The property of Goods and Services will be transferred in the moment when the Buyer pays in the location indicated in the Order (delivery means the receiving signature of the transport document released by the courier or signing on the invoice in case of the deliveries made by the Seller). When the delivery is made through the courier, this isn’t authorized by the Seller to allow the Buyer to open the packages before signing the delivery, but only after signing and paying the sum.

The Seller cannot be responsible for any damage made by the Buyer or by any third, as a result of any unfulfillment from the Buyer of any of his obligations according to the Order and for damages which result from using the Goods and the Services after delivery and especially for losing the products.
The Seller will be responsible in case of the subcontractors and/or the partners involved in performing the Order don’t accomplish any from the contractual obligations.

None of the parts will be responsible for not accomplishing their contractual obligations, if such an unfulfillment is caused by an event of major force. The major force is an unpredictable event, beside of the parts control and which cannot be avoid.

The present Contract is submissive to the Romanian law. The litigations between organizer and participants to the campaign will be solved friendly, or, if not possible, the litigations will be solved by the Romanian Court.

The parts in the contract will be considered independent contractors and to any part will not be given the right or the authority to assume or to have any obligation for the other part. The terms and the conditions from this contract replace any other anterior agreements, verbal or written between the Parts, concerning the Contract and they can be modified or changed only by written agreement signed by both parts.

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