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Who we are?


ISRO Solutions is one of the leading distributors, integrators and suppliers of intelligence and security technology for the Romanian and East European market.

Our technology is designed for corporate clients, private investigators, security companies and government agencies, but it is also accessible to civilians.


We offer a wide range of services:

   sales of intelligence and security devices

   develop custom systems, applied to the client needs

   consulting by our experts in security and technology field

   providing complete and multiple security and protection solutions


On Romanian market, our advantages are:

   Israeli knowledge in security and technology

   distribution of leading brands

   showroom with available products

   professional consultant that offers technical solutions 





We can have a relaxed conversation, face to face, at our showroom situated on 44, George Brătianu street, Sector 1, Bucharest.


   the opportunity to talk with a specialist to get complete information regarding the desired technical solution

   you can study and test the products before you buy 

   you can try multiple versions of devices to make the decision that best suits your wishes

   central location, close to Aviatorilor metro station, in a quiet neighborhood

   we offer you total discretion

Here are some pictures with our showroom:



We despose of a creation laboratory of “custom made” products, which can offer you modern solutions and systems of integration.

We implement spying, surveillance and tracking solutions following a certain standard, but we can also create, at order, unique or exclusive systems, depending on your needs.

Visit the INTEGRATION category to study the wide range of products we offer.


How to order:

   analyze the problem you face and determine which features you want the device to possess ( to record audio and video, audio only, video only, to have as motion detection or sound detection features, to be connected by wireless and other elements)

   call or email us to discuss the best technical solution

   you can choose from the range of products that we already have on the website or you can offer other ideas

   you can bring your own object that will incorporate the integration or we can offer you a solution 

   remember: the period of execution, the price and type of integration depend on your order, on the complexity of the work and on the device . Therefore, it is important to contact us and to make your pre-order



We opened this section because we are willing to adapt our services to all of our clients .

ISRO Solutions offers the possibility to rent some products that are in our showroom in Bucharest.

In this category you can find microcameras, recorders, hidden microphones. Of course, it is better to buy this type of devices so that you always have them at your reach, especially because some situations, in which they show their utility, aren't predictable. However, if you can not afford to buy these products, but you need them in order to temporarly supervize your family, the children's nanny or your business, we have decided to help you reach your goal.


Some devices do not have this option, because we want to keep them in perfect functionallity. To find out which products can be taken temporarily from our showroom, do not hesitate to contact us either by phone or by email, or visit the RENTALS section.


How to rent?

   at first, you will pay the full price of the device

   when you will bring it back, we will refund your money, retaining, of course, the cost representing the days in which it was rented

   when you decide on a product, you will be able to test it and we will show you how it works






The online store has a wide range of products .

Order and delivery details :

   if you have studied our products and know what you want to order, just make the online order, completing the necessary data for delivery, invoice and warranty certificate. Our operator will contact you for confirmation.

   if you can not decide which is the most suitable device or you simply have more questions, you can contact us by phone, email or use our online support , that is integrated in the website

   if you are from Bucharest, we advise you to pay us a visit to pick up the product from the showroom and to personally test it

  before shipping , the products are tested to ensure proper functionality

  we offer one year warranty 

  we  work with a courier company and the shipping cost in Romania is 27 lei



To have a dynamic interaction with our clients, we try to offer complete informations about our work, products and offers.

If you want to know that our available offers, go to the Promotions section .

For details about our activity, such as  participation in fairs, exhibitions, new products and other interesting articles we provide a Blog section..


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We look forward to hearing from you!

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