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BMW Key with Nightvision Camera

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The new car key with built-in camera has a number of features designed to turn a simple product into a practical and complex device.

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335 lei


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  • Height: 16 mm
  • Width: 36 mm
  • Length: 68 mm
  • Weight: 35 g
  • Memory card slot: yes
  • Card memory: up to 16 GB
  • Image format: JPEG
  • Image resolution: 1600x1200 pixels
  • Video format: AVI
  • Video rezolution: 1280x720 pixels
  • Frame rate: 30 fps
  • Built-in memory: no
  • Battery: rechargeable internal Lithium-Ion battery
  • Estimated battery life: about 120 minutes
  • Support system: Windows ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista/7
  • Image senzor: 1/3 Color CMOS
  • Video quality: HD 720P
  • Drivers required: no
  • Functions: audio-video recording, photo, webcam
  • Nightvision: yes
  • Motion detection: yes
  • Voice detection: no

S1: Start/Stop, S2: Video/Foto Button, S3: Lens S4: Infrared, S5: Microphone, S6: Led, S7: Reset Button,????S8: Card Slot, S9: USB port.


What is the quality of the recordings for this spy BMW car key?


The audio-video recording is at a resolution of????1280x720 pixels, the pictures are at 1600x1200 pixels, enough to capture what you????need.


How can I use the spy key?

- To????record undercover, being a device hidden in a BMW car key. You can hold in your hand, with the camera pointed toward what????interests you or you can place it on the table, if you want greater stability.
- As a????data storage device


How is the data stored?

You use a microTF card.????The device supports any TF card and the maximum capacity is 16 GB. As a very general estimation, 2 GB of????memory can store about an hour of video recording.


How can I see what I recorded?

- By connecting the device to a PC or laptop, using the USB cable in the package.

- Taking out the TF card and, with the help of an adapter, you can insert it directly to your computer.

- On your TV, using the cable from the package.

The pictures are in JPEG format and the video????recordings are in .AVI format. Therefore, you can see the data with any software designed to wach movies.


How to charge the battery?

-????By connecting the device to your computer with a USB cable????(the computer must be turned on and not in stand by mode). The battery capacity is 340 mAh.

How do I set the date and time of the recording?

Connect the camera to a computer. Create a file with notepad that has the extension????* .txt (text file ). The name of this file has to be????time.txt????. Save it on your TF card, in the root directory of the card. Inside the file write the date and time in this format :year.month.day (space) hour, just like in the following example :????2014.04.25 12:00:00.????If you have done this correctly, the next time you connect the spy device to your computer, the file must not be visible anymore.

Do I need drivers to operate the device?

No.????When connected to the computer, it will be recognized as an external device (like a regular memory stick ) and the data can????be easily downloaded.


What is motion detection function?

You can enable or disable this option from one of the buttons on the key. The spy Volkwagen key can be left on the table or on your desk and you can leave the room with no problem.????The device will activate the recording when there is movement????near by and when the activity stops, after a few seconds, it will enter standby again.


Why would I use this product?

- The audio-video recording has a satisfactory quality and related to????it's very low price, it can be a device that will fulfill your purpose????quickly and inexpensively.

- It has????motion detection function????that will help save the battery and the TF card space, by eliminating the recordings when there is no activity in the room.

- It has nightvision function so that you can record in darker spaces and at night.

-????You can easily use it when you are in motion. You just have to use it a few times before so that you get accustomed with the????device and figure out how to point the camera

-????It is easily confused with a car alarm key and it doesn't raise any suspicion. It is an object that people often carry with them, they????play with it during a conversation, by moving it from one hand to another, or they place it on the table, on their desk.


Why should I buy from ISRO Solutions ?

-????We have a showroom, a physical space (George Bratianu Street, number 44, Bucharest), where we meet and discuss.????Here, you can test the product to make sure it is what you want.

-????We are not simply providers, we have specialized people in the technical field and, moreover, we have the experience of the????parent company in Israel.

- If you are not from Bucharest, our????technical engineer will test the product????to ensure that everything works properly.

-????We offer 1 year warranty????for this product. In fact , we offer warranty for all products in our showroom.

-????You can call us if you have problems????and do not know how to use the product. Do not forget to read the user's manual before , of????course : )

- If you are not sure that this is the product you want, you can call us and ask forseveral solutions tailored to your needs.

-????We are transparent.????Usually shipping charges are included in the product price and you might falsely feel you've made a great????deal by receiving a free shippment. We do not do this. You know what is the exact cost of the product and what is the cost of????shipping.


How can I order?

There are several ways you can buy from us, depending on what is easier for you:

-????Call us at: 021-260-0260 or 0727-799-155. You give us your data for delivery, invoice and warranty and, after we test the product????, we will shipp it to you.

- Visit our showroom at George Bratianu No. 44, Sector 1, Bucharest - Romania. We discuss, we test the product together and????you can take the product with you.

-????Order online: create an account within our website, log in, choose the product or products you want by pressing the Add to Cart????button. Place the order and an operator will call between 9.00 a.m and 17.00 p.m for confirmation. If you wish to be called at a????certain hour during this period of time or have other comments about the order, you can leave us a message when placing it.

-????Email: office@isro-solutions.com.????If you are not sure what you want to order or the product is in the Call for price mode and you????cannot call, you can always leave us a message on the company's email and we will respond in the shortest time.

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BMW Key with Nightvision Camera

BMW Key with Nightvision Camera

The new car key with built-in camera has a number of features designed to turn a simple product into a practical and complex device.

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