Like others have said, you can run them behind mini-discs, small dipseys or jets. Dreamweaver FishUSA Custom Color WD Spoon… That’s rarely the case. Occasionally, leaving a little bit trailing doesn't hurt, but too much will often lead to a lot of misses due to short strikes. Shore fishing can be an exciting and rewarding way to fish for Lake Erie walleye. With a large and ever-growing variety of color and size options specifically directed toward walleye, Bay Rats are a great option to add to your box. Unlike a crankbait, I can run them really fast. Lake Erie Walleye Candy is a favorite supplier of spoon blanks to tackle shops ... Lake Trout, and Salmon we have a spoon blank to meet your needs. 1,372. The higher fish numbers are in spring, the more methods can get them hooked. The lighter you can go on your Erie Dearie weight the better. Lake Erie Fishing ; Open Lake Discussion ; Walleye spoons? Was just wondering what everyone's thought were on spoons? I see lots of trolling spoons on ebay - Lots by "Lake Erie Walleye Candy" and other trolling flutter spoons. CUSTOM PAINTED BANDITS. 2 5/8" Nickel,Gold,Copper Trolling Spoons Lake Erie Walleye Candy (Brass) NGCCFST1. I figured I … $7.99 . Recommended Posts. Bay Rat Lures; Bay Rat Lures are designed for walleye anglers, by walleye anglers. There's also a big market for custom paint jobs and i think one of the best custom colors is IB Frozen. DJ 17 5 DJ 17 5 5 25 posts; Name: Dennis Johnson Location: Scipio Center, NY (Finger Lakes) Report post; Posted May 12, 2016. Also what style/brand of inline weights are the best for harnesses. Fall winds and Lake Erie currents can mean lots of different water colors even in relatively small areas. If i was going to buy 5 or 6 spoons, what would be the best colors. Followers 8. $6.49 to $7.49. DJ's Customeyes Lures custom painting lures. for Walleye. It has a subtle action that will work even at ultra slow speeds down to 1 mph. 99 I am hoping to hook up with a charter ( or someone that is familiar with the lake and fishing it,either trolling or casting) before i go, in hope of becoming more efficient, problem is days off at work are in the middle of the week. Custom painted Bandits. The warm, shallow, murky waters make it the perfect habitat for producing record sized walleye. Related News & Tips. Here is a quick video highlighting some of my favorite fall walleye lures. I've known a few to use leeches also, but worms are still the best. Searching Deep-How to Catch Walleye on Lake Erie. Silver Streak Jr. Spoon. Business Line (419) 496-0505 . for Walleye. I happen to be guiding that day so the customer was pretty exciting with that fish (pushing 32 inches). I tried to put these in order from the slowest ( cooler water) to fastest (warmer water). At a Glance: Walleye Trolling Spoons . These work well behind all dipseys or in tandem with a larger spoon... NGCCFST1. 895. The most popular spot in Ohio is the Toledo shipping channel. Trolling spoons are popular among salmon and steelhead anglers, but are also very effective for targeting walleye. Dreamweaver FishUSA Custom Color Super Slim Spoon. Silver Streak Spoon. $5.99 . If you take along the right lures, you just might earn bragging rights on your next Lake Erie walleye fishing trip. $5.99 . On Lake Erie, we have lots of different water colors and clarities, not to mention variable sunlight and wave conditions. . See more ideas about walleye, walleye fishing, fishing lures. A standard trolling spoons features a thin, compressed piece of pressed or stamped metal, with a profile that resembles an elongated eating utensil of the same name. One of the best areas to catch Lake Erie walleye is in Ohio. It also caused algae blooms that made the Great Lakes water unsafe … $5.99 . As an avid walleye angler and troller, I was intrigued. $6.99 . We run larger ones for big walleyes and Steelhead in the late summer @ Wheatley or Erieau.
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