Raccoons and pets. Whether your pet triggers the attack or the raccoon (both is usually unlikely), here's what you should do before, during, and after a fight happens to ensure the best health for your pet and your own health. Raccoons are very lethal to cats, and they can transmit a dangerous disease to them, which would eventually kill them. Unfortunately, in the case above, the cats were outdoor barn cats, not house cats. Raccoons sometimes get into scraps with cats and they may occasionally prey on small animals housed outside, such as chickens and rabbits. Blood work and a urinalysis are also common diagnostic tests, as present symptoms may also indicate a possibility of complications to the internal organs. ), or from close contact with other infected animals. My cat was bitten by a raccoon 12 days ago. The Baylisacaris procyonis roundworm is relatively large, ranging from 15-20 cm in length and 1 cm in width, causing a great deal of tissue damage as they migrate. Unfortunately, I was 14 days over … Use vocal commands to distract and deter them – I have prevented my dogs from attacking rattlesnakes and tarantulas by simply yelling “NO!” at them. Raccoon disease is an infection of a species of roundworm that uses the raccoon as a permanent host. As the symptoms associated with raccoon disease are primarily neurological, your veterinarian may ask for an x-ray or CT scan of the feline’s head. If you feed you dog or cat outside, bring in the food dishes each night. Again, raccoons are not typically aggressive animals, so it is unlikely that a raccoon would stalk your cat or hunt it down in order to attack it, whether for food, protection or sport. For sake of simplicity, in this example we will be using a "dog" vs. a raccoon, in which the raccoon is the aggressor. The cat’s body naturally responds to the damage with inflammation and recognizable symptoms begin to appear as early as two to four weeks after ingestion. Generally, coyotes are known for being scavengers, but they are also skilled predators that … *Sé•ò ÁÏÜÔOr\;måê:ï~‘W’K[gÐJÌýȋçÎçðõ/2ò%NW‹þùOqs;jjíü^¨¢©®€ž?QÏg øèg~]xЫ5èïöûÇÇ-jb~NºŒ`…–º@÷®G8‡BNhÒõdçKöW×÷NÎ?^î¾ù{KÈlAOú\-á>*!S•ŸÈ)ðcיÆñ4PPãù®ÌYǍC]Ûý’u¥—Üµ ‹óaÛjS‘Ç.$Òì8I‘Ͷo~–Þg7ðU”E˕¤wööwú‡½^oïè°Õ*’chŒ}ԕ We later found out her real name was Snuffy, however, Bob was the name that stuck. When the woman attempted to pet what she thought was her cat, the raccoon attacked her, biting her on the elbow, hand, forearm, lip and chin. Their poop also has bacteria that are highly dangerous to cats. In short, yes, it’s a possibility that a raccoon would and could attack, drag off and eat a domestic cat. Damage to the body’s tissues, especially the central nervous system, is often permanent and the veterinarian may suggest euthanasia. It's one of the many reasons that most of us who volunteer for rescues or work in shelters or with veterinarians strongly recommend that cats be kept indoors at all times. Raccoons can hurt cats either directly, by biting or scratching them, or indirectly, through transmitting a disease. may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. If a fight ensues, do not get in the middle of it, and do not try to capture the raccoon. Some of the potential dangers raccoons pose to cats include (but are not limited to): The possibility of transmitting rabies or other communicable diseases to your cat. He has received an annual rabies vaccine every year. Anemia / Fever / Lethargy / Pain / Premature Labor / Wound. The cat is recovering and had a rabies vaccine but the frightening tale triggered a rabies alert in Kendall after the raccoon tested positive for rabies. He may look a little strange, but he has a heart as big as any cat out there. The short answer to whether raccoons will hurt cats is that yes, it is possible. Coyote. Raccoons are relatively immune to this internal parasite, but felines that contact this roundworm experience severe inflammatory processes caused by tissue damage. If your cat did get rabies and bit, scratched or licked someone, and you knew he’d been bitten by a raccoon, you would be liable for that person’s death. A cat can become infected with the disease from coming into contact with raccoon feces, from ingestion of B. procyonis eggs, which may remain viable in the soil long after the raccoon feces has disintegrated or been removed, from ingestion of animal tissue that is infected with the roundworm (e.g., rabbits, birds, etc. Although this isn’t a new phenomenon, it isn’t usually common. A feline can easily be infected by licking the microscopic eggs off her paws after a walk outside or by consumption of an intermediate host such as a mouse or bird. Police searched the area and found a raccoon acting lethargic on nearby Buena Vista Road around 5:40 p.m. Following the death of his cat, a Front Royal resident is trying to help his neighbors keep their pets safe from rabies attacks. Natural feline prey, such as rats, mice, and birds can also be intermediate carriers of the Baylisacaris procyonis roundworm. Raccoon attacks on cats that go outside are much more common than many people realize. Vets are easily able to distinguish a raccoon attack from those of other wild animals by the injuries pets sustain around their eyes and abdomens. If you can find the raccoon then it … While they aren’t known as aggressive predators, the of cats attacked by raccoons has recently shot up. Although infectious to cats, dogs, birds and humans, the Baylisacaris roundworm causes no aliments to the adult raccoon species. In Vermont, 21 animals (66 percent of which are raccoons) have tested positive for rabies in 2017, but none of these animals caused severe consequence for humans. Chief Julie Flaherty and Director of Health and Human Services Christine Bongiorno wish to make people aware of a recent positive test for rabies in a raccoon after a young child was attacked by the animal earlier this week. Infestation of Baylisacaris procyonis in cats is rare, but often fatal. After rehab, animals hurt by fires find new homes The Oakland Zoo cared for two mountain lion cubs orphaned by the Zogg fire in Shasta County.
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