Marble, slate, quartz or granite are all natural stone pavers that come in white, gray, yellow, mauve, pink, crimson, black, and other hues. Cement Pavers, Blocks and Bricks (23) Stone Plant Pots and Landscaping Stones (31) Clay Plant Pots (3) Mosaics and Mesh-Backed Tiles (17) About Us. The tiles are then placed and settled over the grain base and arranged to the homeowner’s specifications. Freo Stone Paving manufacturers its products using only the highest grade raw materials. We cut to size. We also offer many beautiful marine limestone found throughout the State including: Coral Rock , Florida Oolite , Cap Rock and Cedar Key Field Stone . The Stone refers to any material of natural origin, it is extracted from: quarries and mining operations. Coral Stones and Shell Stones for a wide variety of applications: Tiles, Pavers, Flagging, Architectural Items, Raw & Cut to Size Slabs and more. Business Profile. The use of natural stone will always create a rustic, natural appeal. Coral Pavers, Inc., Miami, Florida. Tremron manufacturers quality brick pavers, retaining walls, fire pits and hardscape products for backyard design and driveway renovation projects. Contact us today for more information of what we offer! Ask for price for smaller orders, and we will list it accordingly to your project. Coral stone, also referred to as coralina fossil stone and keystone, is comprised of coral and shell fossils, sand and limestone and has taken thousands of years to form. Perfect for pools and outdoor areas. CONTACT US TODAY. Florida Oolite Coral Stone is available in 24’ x 48” slabs 4” – 10” thick, boulders, and saw cut blocks. You can select your design,thickness,texture and color.Our paver's can be used in northern and southern climates. You can also choose from various Fort Myers brick paver finishes to suit your specific aesthetic taste and needs – thermal, polished, honed, and diamond 8 and 10. When you look at a cut piece of coral stone you are one of the first people to set your eyes on the antiquity of our planet. Standard sizes 12x12x 1 3/5″ 12x24x 3/5″, 16x16x 1 3/5″, 24x48x1 3/5″ 18x18x 1 3/5″, 16x24x1 3/5″,24x24x 1 3/5″ and 36x36x3/4″ Inches. Molds and casts of fossils are common. Usually this involves a layer of sand or crushed limestone as a base. Coral Stone Pavers. Coral Stone Coral stone , also known as coralina fossil stone and keystone, consists of coral and shell fossils, coral, sand, as well as limestone. Perth pavers and landscape design professionals are constantly working together with Freo Stone to create functional, yet attractive … Keystone is an excellent veneer for a wide array of applications. Their license was verified as active when we last checked. Brighten up your patio, driveway, walkaway and deck with a natural stone look, this is an art worth adding to your spaces. Coral Stone cast stone paver's for interior or exterior use.Coral Stone cast stone paver's can be made in any pattern and thickness. Freo Stone Paving's evolving range of pavers now include limestone pavers, travertine pavers, exposed aggregate pavers, porcelain pavers and granite pavers. Minimum order at this price : 6000 sf. Beauty. CALL US: (239) 309-0550 TOP RATED LOCAL® FIBERGLASS & CONCRETE POOLS. TOTALLY ANTI SLIPPERY. Limestone Paving Perth. offers 97 coral stone pavers products. Coral Limestone Pavers ... From the coolest to touch in summer to the warmest tones of winter, our pool paving is trusted by more boutique pool builders in Australia than any other stone. CORAL STONE PAVERS IN 1.3/4" THICK AT $ 6.99 PER SQ.FT. CORAL STONE TILE. We make it easy. We specialize in Custom Finishes for Interior and Exterior designs.Saw Cut, Brushed/Antiqued Filled and Unfilled, Honed … This Coral Stone is highly porous and permeable. We’ve exported coral stone tiles, pavers and other coral stone materials to countries like the United States, the United Arab Emirates, South Korea, Thailand, China, Canada, Uruguay, Poland, Puerto Rico and several Caribbean islands among others. Stone Pavers . This Coral Stone has a Tropical appeal and is used in walls, columns, Building Veneer and as Bank or Shore Lining. Our company was founded in 1994, as a continuation of a family business started by our father, in 1969. Tremron has five Florida & Georgia hardscape manufacturing plants located in Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, Tampa Bay and Atlanta and nine hardscape design centers. Coral Stone invites the past into your home. Our coral stone tiles and pavers can be found in a three colors – white, red and gold, although gold is considered the most sought after color. Skip to main content area. This stone is especially good for Construction stone, ornamental stone, mosaic, pavers, stairs, fireplaces, sinks, balustrades and other design projects. Perth's Biggest Paving Display sites. Another reason is that Coral Stone has a non skid surface. FREE design and product advice for your Perth Paving project. Claim Share Print. This distinctive material is strengthened by nature to survive a number of climate extremes, saltwater, pool chemicals, and heavy foot traffic, making it ideal for pool decking and coping. Standard sizes of Coral Stone tiles, pavers and coping are available for immediate delivery in our warehouse in Miami, Florida. See this and more cultured stone collections here at PGH Bricks. Hemmingway is denser than the Florida Keystone, and the Caribbean Coralina has the highest compressive strength. I am having 2400sf of 16x16 coral stone tiles installed with a minimal grout line. Coral stone come in different … A wide variety of coral stone pavers options are available to you, such as free samples. Stone pavers in Cape Coral, FL are typically laid on flat surfaces with a particular design in mind. Welcome to Area Stones, South Florida�s direct importer and distributor of first quality Coral Stone and natural stone materials. Site Navigation. Natural Coral Stone Paver Manufacturer It has a unique fossil pattern and is found in a variety of colors including white, beige, yellow and pink. Business Profile Coral Pavers Inc. Interlocking Pavers. Coral Pavers Inc. ... View the selection of PGH Bricks & Pavers products that are available to you as part of your builder's range. Coral Stone Tiles and Pavers Available in Stock Now! It also called White Coral Stone,Dominican White Shell Stone,Coralina Blanca Coral Stone . About 3% of these are brick making machinery, 2% are tiles, and 1% are paving stone. Florida Keystone will have the most Coral impression in the stone. Value. Coral Pavers Inc. 1910 N.E. Formed from our ancient oceans and reveled during the continental shifts, this unique stone showcases fossilized marine and plant life at its very best. Their BuildZoom score of 104 ranks in the top 9% of 191,428 Florida licensed contractors. W.A. Use keystone tiles on fireplace veneers, interior wall cladding, keystone entries or make a keystone mantel for your new fireplace. Stone Pavers. Coral-Pave™ pavers have been designed to reproduce the texture and appearance of natural coral.Its irregular surface texture, defined in luxurious detail, was developed from actual sections of fossilized coral. Our coralina "key stone" natural products are cut and sized to show coral and fossil patterns natural beauty. Stamped & Decorative Concrete. The standard option is seal/grout/seal using a penetrating sealer. HEAT RESISTANT. I am getting conflicting opinions on how to best seal them. Used in both interior and exterior living spaces, it is an ideal choice for the sophisticated consumer. It can be installed in a random ashlar or repeating pattern, and with its sand-coloured, beachy texture, is perfectly suited to a coastal-inspired home. The Coral Stone cultured stone collection from PGH Bricks offers the Fossil Reef stone. As walling material, it maintains the coolness of the room. Coral stone pavers are not just beautiful, they are fossilized remains of sea life from millions of years ago. Stone quarries extract the stone from the earth and then they are cut into the shape of pavers for ease of installation. Pick from our catalog the design that suits you best and delight-in the aesthetics results of stamped decorative concrete. Fort Lauderdale, FL 33305 Dominican White Coral Stone is a kind of white coral stone quarried in Dominican Republic. Read More » Quality. There are thousands of types of natural stone such as; limestone, bluestone, granite, travertine, cantera, marble and flagstone, to … Business Profile. PERFECT OUTDOOR MATERIAL. 22nd Terrace. The distinctive surface finish adds an extra element to any courtyard, pool or patio project at a fraction of the cost of traditional paving materials There are many reasons for this rise in demand, but mainly there are many pros to using natural coral stone tiles or pavers. Our coolest paver, you'll never feel the heat underfoot with our Limestone pavers.Available in seven colours and a range of shapes and sizes to suit your individual style and needs. Coral Stone Pool Deck – Because of it’s natural, non-slip texture, coral stone pool deck applications are popular with homeowners who want to limit the potential for slipping on wet surfaces.In addition, the material tends to conduct the heat, making it cooler under foot. The tiles are very porous, and have lots of holes which we are filling with grout. Tropical Pavers and Stone LLC is your Top Rated Local® pool installation company in Fort Myers. Basalt Grey Porcelain Paver Call for Price; Blue Sandstone Sandstone Paver Call for Price; Crema Cappuccino Marble Paver Call for Price; Diano Reale Marble Paver Coral Pavers Inc, 1217 NE 17th Way, Ft Lauderdale, FL holds a Pavers license and 1 other license according to the Broward County license board. 164 likes. Dominican Coral Stone is a producer, distributor and importer of coral stone tiles and pavers for flooring as well as slabs, swimming pool copings for pool decks and stone blocks . Natural stones such as corals are products of nature, therefore the presence of shells, snails, sediments, color and tone variations are characteristic of the material. Coral Stone The delicate fossil patterns and unique surface characteristics of Coral Stone cladding complement contemporary architecture and design. Coral Stone Wall veneers have been around for quite some time, however, recently in the home design industry there has been an increasing demand.
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