Though it could be possible that at this point in his cubhood, Kovu's voice broke. By the time of Season 3, the final battle between the Pride Landers and the Outlanders finally come to a conclusion in the Battle for the Pride Lands special. After a long journey, Kion reaches the Tree of Life but is encountered by the Night Pride, who mistakes them for a threat and drives them out. Nala takes Kion and Kiara on a trail to Udugu. However, Kion is alerted by Janja and Jasiri, aided by Azaad (whom Fuli previously befriended during the journey) that Zira, the evil lioness who supported Kion's evil great-uncle Scar, and was exiled from the Pride Lands to the Outlands by Simba, and later battled the Lion Guard previously,  along with her children Vitani, and Kovu (the latter of whom was Scar's successor during his rule) have threatened the Pride Lands, prompting Kion and co. to return to the Pride Lands. However, she is cornered among the flames by Janja, Reirei, Kiburi, and their respective followers. However, Kion, a lion cub, befriended the spunky hyena Jasiri during the episode Never Judge a Hyena by Its Spots whom is from a clan that does. Fuli helps Kiara, Tiifu, Zuri and Dhahabu. It introduces Simba’s son Kion, a fun-loving lion who’s more than happy that his sister Kiara is the one destined to rule the Pride Lands. Suddenly, Askari appears in the sky and tells Kion that he has truly mastered the roar by letting it go. While trying to get to the Tree of Life, Bunga causes a rock slide trying to reach a beehive. During his adventures, Kion also receives advice from the spirit of his grandfather, Mufasa. home. Kion tells Rani they'll make a great team and Rani responds that they already do. Their manes are most often red or orange. Watch it on DisneyNow, Disney Junior and Disney Channel. He asks Kiara to show Dhahabu around the Pride Lands with Tiifu and Zuri. The lava then hardens into igneous rock, destroying the Mark of Evil, finally ending Scar's threat to the Pride Lands once and for all. As they are returning home to the Pride Lands Vitani and her Lion Guard shows up. This child is anointed and presented before the animals of the Kingdom in a ceremony that occurs early in the morning. Kion is eventually healed, and the villains are defeated in the final battle for the Tree of Life. We provide guards that strike the perfect balance between customer service and assertivness. Kion is the leader of the the Lion Guard, a team defends the Pride Lands. All of the old Lion Guard members accept the offer and the Mark of the Night Pride replaces the Mark of the Guard on their bodies. Zira talks to Kion and sings Lions Over All. The Lion Guard Full Episodes - Lions of the Outlands - YouTube Lions Over All Lyrics. and starts attacking. For example, the script of one episode called for a cobra to menace songbirds. A new ally is won because Anga states "I could get used to it" after Ono asks her about working together with him and the Lion Guard in the future. 99. Anga soon becomes the new Keenest of sight while Ono becomes the smartest. Show us the things that really matter for yourself on this one because we need to make sure that no one could ever doubt these situations. Bunga thinks that it's Kion falling from a tree branch. The Lion Guard follows Simba's son, Kion, as he assembles a group of animals to protect the Pride Lands known as the Lion Guard. Vitani wonders what Kion meant by mastering the roar and Kion shows her by using the roar to lift the entirety of Pride Rock off the ground. Kasi uses up her energy too quickly in the beginning while Fuli paced herself and Fuli sprints past Kasi near the end of the race to win. As far as looks go, lions in The Lion Guard franchise are far more diverse. According to Jasiri, Zira and her evil lioness are back in the Pride Lands. Janja escapes and finds Jasiri, and both of them rush to the Pride Landers. The Lion Guard (also known as the "Lions of Trump" or the "Lion's Guard Militia") was a political group that was formed in 2016 in order to provide self-imposed security (outside of private security and professional law enforcement) at the rallies of Republican Party presidential nominee Donald Trump.. That detour costs Beshte and Imara wins the first round. Watch the Official TV Promos from THE LION GUARD Season 3 an Disney animation series. Kion tells everyone to come back to Mizimu Grove and he shows them Makini's baobab tree. Il a également la bonne idée d'approfondir la mythologie de ses personnages. Il permet de clôturer les intrigues de la Saison 2 et d'ouvrir de nouvelles pistes pour la Saison 3. Few of the lions that have black manes resembled to the extinct Barbary lion and Cape lion. If you want to find a certain lion that you observed this trick will help out: By counting and looking closely at the lion's whiskers you can recognise each lion individually. Diet Due to that, Kion and the old Lion Guard lose their Marks of the Guard which depresses them. The lions mark the strength and courage necessary to withstand an invasion of devils and demons. "Divide and Conquer" During a battle with several Outlanders, Kion catches a glimpse of Scar's spirit in a nearby fire. The series centers around Kion, the son of Simba and Nala who is tasked with the daunting duty of leading the Lion Guard, a group tasked with the perseverance of the Pride Lands. and more Disney Junior games online for free on DisneyNOW! In the series' prequel, Return of the Roar, Kion gains his newfound power of the Roar of the Elders and gift passed down through generations of Lion Guard leaders and tasks his friends, Fuli, Bunga, Beshte, and Ono as members of the Guard. Kion and Ono get injured during the battle, with Kion notably sporting a scar on his left eye, in a similar form of his great uncle's, and The Lion Guard must embark on an epic quest to the Tree of Life to get them healed. Jason Mardsen voices Kovu as cub, even though in The Lion King II: Simba's Pride, he didn't voice Kovu until when he became an adolescent. Zira's lionesses, including Vitani, saw that this was true, and joined forces. With help from the hyenas, and Mzingo's Parliament (who reformed after Scar's defeat) the Guard plans venture to stop Kovu but are halted by Kovu's sister Vitani and a group of lionesses, Shabaha, Kasi, Imara, and Tazama, who launch an attack with the phrase "Till the Pride Lands' end, Lion Guard defend!" The Lion Guard [6], The Lion Guard has been able to take facts about animals that live in the Serengeti and incorporate them into the plots of the episodes.[7]. As of Divide and Conquer, Kion has seen Scar yet was unaware that it is his infamous uncle that he saw through the blaze. After everyone is shocked that Scar is back King Simba admits that Kion kept secret about this fact because he ordered him to do so. While hybirds of the two in the wild are not a thing (due to location) in the lion guard we are shown that african lions can meet up with other type, it is not said if rani and co are other types of lions but i belive they are. Simba is the king of the Pride Lands, Nala is the queen. Jasiri takes Kion to the Outlands after telling him about lions taking over her family's watering hole. Both sexes have a tail tuft, always black in color, though cubs are born without this tuft. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Search. over the fire while the guard took it out. The Keenest of Sight challenge is next and both competitors have to find a galago hidden in a dark cave. Ono might get healed too. Zira talks to Kion and … A very long time ago, a group of evil lions tried to take over the Pride Lands and nearly destroyed the kingdom until they were stopped by Askari and his guard. In Kilio Valley, the Lion Guard struggles to put out a widespread brush fire. About The Lion Guard To The Rescue. The Lion Guard - Protectors of the Pridelands! \"Set in the African Savanna, The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar follows Kion as he assembles the members of the Lion Guard\", a news release for the show reads. Simba is at Pride Rock with Rafiki watching over the Pride Lands. The girls don't agree and Kion thinks that Starehe and Raha should be her guards. Dhahabu asks if Fuli, Tiifu and Zuri would be her royal guards. The series was announced by Disney on June 9, 2014 on the run up to the first film's 20th anniversary that month and has been described as "The Lion King meets The Avengers"[3]. The Lion Guard is a group tasked with the job of defending the Pride Lands from danger and preserving the Circle of Life, traditionally led by the second-born cub of the monarch.The leader is bestowed the Roar of the Elders, a mystical power that allows the Great Kings of the Past to roar alongside the leader. During the song "The Twelve Ways of Christmas", Simba's Pride comes to the performance as "Six Lions Leaping.". 612 likes. Kion, prince of The Pride Lands realizes that he is the next Lion Guard. After sending Baliyo flying, the leader, Rani, says to Kion that he and his friends will never be welcomed to the Tree of Life. Origins and organization [edit | edit source]. Watch it on DisneyNow, Disney Junior and Disney Channel. She learns about Queen Rani and instantly detects her brother's sorrow. As of Season 2, Kion's evil great-uncle Scar has returned, offering advice to enemies of the Lion Guard. settings. During his time he brought peace between the lions and elephants. The Mark of the Night Pride that was given to Kion by Queen Janna before her death appears on Kion's shoulder. Here, Kion meets Nuka and Kovu, a pair of young male lions who decide to take him to their mother. Their eyes have a wide color range as well, including brown, red, orange, green, and blue. The first challenge is a contest between the Strongest members over who can be the first to push a giant rock with an elephant on top to a tree on the other side of a field. Kion soon reunites up with his mom and dad Kion wonders what happened to Zira. Height They live at the Tree of Life. Knowing that he has the Roar of the Elders, the strange lion suggests that Scar should be the king of the Pride Lands. Simba and Kion make an effort to invade the Outlands and defeat Scar's army, whilst Janja grows uncomfortable with fighting the Lion Guard and is hesitant to join Jasiri's army, which leads to Scar attempting to kill him and the Lion Guard by trapping them in a fire. For information about international dubs and releases, click here. In The Scorpion's Sting, Kion finally meets his evil great-uncle when venturing the Outlands to find a cure for Simba after he is stung by a scorpion. Meanwhile Simba becomes in charge of the Lion Guard. Kion and the Lion Guard have grown into young adolescents as the months pass, with Kion's power getting stronger. The Lion Guard is an American animated series which is based on, and serves as a sequel to, Disney's The Lion King. With the contest tied at 2-2, Kion and Vitani have to face each other with Vitani calling for a mashindano. Kion and Bunga annoy him until he decides to help them. The last 10 episodes, including the series finale, Return to the Pride Lands, premiered on DisneyNOW on September 2nd, ending the series. These animals are Fuli the cheetah, Beshte, the hippopotamus, Ono, the egret and Bunga, the honey badger[2]. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Lions Kion remembers what Askari told him that only one who can let go of the roar completely can truly master it. to fight united against Scar. Later, some of the Pride Lands' animals gather at the Tree of Life to see Kion's ascension to King of the Tree of Life (the ceremony also doubles as a wedding to Rani). Like many cats, lions see well in the dark. However, the ruler, Queen Janna, says that she would like to meet the Lion Guard. Trust us when we say that there is never a bad time for having new and exciting The Lion Guard Games online on our website today, and for that very reason we now want to share with everyone the game called The Lion Guard To The Rescue, a fun and exciting … Once the herds are calm everyone is not happy and are scared they claim that they want to leave. The Lion Guard "Let Sleeping Crocs Lie" The Mark of Evil appears in the volcano shortly before Scar appears before Kiburi and his float. While Kion wins ultimately, Vitani states she can lead without the Roar, which leads to Kion anointing Vitani as his successor and the new leader of the Lion Guard. [1]. Later that night Zazu reports that Hadithi. It is played during the opening sequence of the television show. Simba and the royal family have already escaped, and after Makuu's persuasion, Janja tells the Pride Landers the only way to defeat Scar. 4.1 out of 5 stars 19. Anga has trouble locating it while Tazama is able to utilize her night vision and manages to locate the galago. 95. Nala and Simba wishes them good luck and is hoping to come back before Kiara's first hunt. Kion asks his friends if they want to help Queen Rani protect the Tree of life? A lion cub is born with little, brown spots on its legs. It's kinda common knowledge, really. Kion and Kiara sniff out for Muhangus. The bravest members compete next where the challenge is going across a patch of thorns, a river filled with crocodiles, and having to climb a cliff to get a baobab fruit off a tree. Seasons However, the paintings of Scar's Lion Guard showed that they all had dark fur tones and brown manes, and another painting in The Lair of the Lion Guard depicted a Guard with black manes. Hyenas are generally treated as enemies because they do not follow the Circle of Life. Disney has shown early footage to young test audiences, who were able to make suggestions, such as adjusting the look of the hyenas. Vitani's Lion Guard wins the contest and Kion gives the Mark of the Guard to Vitani along with the ability to use the Roar of the Elders. They both roar in the sky as their ancestors look down in happiness. Laini is also not willing to share her home with anyone if she believes them to be dangerous to her, regardless of if they are or not.But Laini will share her home with those she shows great gratitude to and can be a bit remorseful towards others… After the two Guard battle, Kiara and Kovu stop the fight and bring them all back to Pride Rock to explain the story of how Kovu was raised to believe that Simba was the enemy, but befriended him and Kiara and as a result, betrayed Zira, and with the help of Kiara, united Simba's Pride and the Outsiders, whilst Zira, refusing to let go of her hate, was killed. Soo. Kion tells Vitani that she's no match for him when he has the roar and she tells him that she's fierce enough to lead the Lion Guard without the Roar. La Garde du Roi lion : La Grande Bataille est un téléfilm bien plus réussi que La Garde du Roi Lion : L'Ombre de Scar. I have a theroy. 4.7 out of 5 stars 38. Since Ono's role is the Smartest and that role isn't in Vitani's Lion Guard, Ono acts as the referee for the contest. Zira was unable to get past her hate, and thus it led to her destruction. Beshte and Imara face off and Beshte is close to winning, but Ma Tembo  points out to Beshte that he's getting sunburns and Beshte runs to a mud pit to cover his body. When lionesses come into heat, the male lion will indiscriminately mate with all of them to increase the chance of spreading his genes via offspring. With the help from Hadithi and Anga the royal family is free. Jasiri takes Kion to the Outlands after telling him about lions taking over her family's watering hole. They tend to have brightly-colored fur, often yellow or orange shades, with goldish undertones.
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